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Rewarding Your Success Story
Becoming a fitter, healthier, happier YOU is the best reward of all, and we strive to go beyond at every chance. That’s why we celebrate our most inspiring Metabolic Reboot® success stories with recognition, prizes, experiences, and more!
Your Could Win $500!
Starting April 1, 2024, you will have a chance to enter your Reboot 66 Challenge results and be selected to win in one of three categories: Weight Loss, Lifestyle, or Fitness. Winners will be chosen based on meeting the qualification criteria outlined below, and by an independent panel and community voting. Share your entry with your friends, family, and fans to rally for votes.
You could win in any of these categories:
Weight Loss
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How It Works
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Place your order for ZipSlim®, the delicious way to lose three times more weight, reduce cravings and appetite, and be on your way to a fitter, healthier, happier YOU!

Preferred Customers and Coaches who have placed a Subscribe & Save order and are on an active membership are eligible to win.
Start your Metabolic Reboot® Program
Your Day 1 can be whatever day is best for you! We recommend a Monday and even support your kickoff with weekly calls and community in our Beyond Slim Together Facebook Group.

Download your Metabolic Reboot® Program Guide to learn more about setting your goals and following our 9 Reboot Rituals daily.

Be sure to read Think T.H.I.N. – Healthy Meals & Recipes for Life to add delicious and healthy food options to your journey.
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Register below to raise your hand and get started. We’ll give you exclusive support and encouragement along the way.

Once you reach day 66, come back to this page to share your results including your story and any photos you wish to share showing off your success.

This is not a weight loss contest; our winners are the most inspiring stories regardless of any number on the scale. This is about you becoming fitter, healthier, and happier, whatever that means to YOU!
Reboot Resources
Metabolic Reboot®
Program Guide
The key to overcoming Metabolic Overload, the root cause of mid-life weight gain, is our cutting-edge Metabolic Reboot®! Taking ZipSlim® twice a day, an hour before your two largest meals, is certainly the fuel that will power your success… but we always strive to go beyond! That’s why we are providing this incredible program guide FREE with your ZipSlim purchase.

Download now and connect with a Coach to get started, or dive right in on your own. You’ll be able to set your goals, and learn about the 9 Reboot Rituals that will help you finally have the lasting results you want from a weight loss program.
Think T.H.I.N.
Healthy Meals & Recipes for Life
We know the power of taking ZipSlim® before a meal, but if you really want the best results, what you are eating for those meals matters, too. That’s why Dr. Mark Drucker developed this incredible healthy recipe guide to support your success.

Before now, Think T.H.I.N. (Total High Intensity Nutrition) was available exclusively for patients at Dr. Drucker’s Center for Advanced Medicine in Southern California. But now, you can cut the line and get access to this incredible information and library of delicious recipes FREE with your ZipSlim® purchase.